Other businesses

I've always loved to pursue several things, so I've been very fortunate to be able to start all these other adventures. Click the logo of each business find out more!


I love to tutor, so I set up my own business to be able to tutor. I've worked through other companies, but found out that I'd much rather have the more personal approach with the parents as well, so I quit working for the other companies and started for myself!

Note Nook Store

I've always dreamed of setting up my own webshop with something other than my own merch and now I finally have! This little webshop contains products that are mainly themed around music! I truly do hope you'll have a look!

True Vine Music Studios

I've always loved sharing the music experiences I get to have in the studio, with others. Together with my husband, Conrad Nuyts, we set up "True Vine Music studios", so people could come visit our studio and record their own song! Whether that's for a kid's birthday party or you want to release your first original song or anything in between!