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Single "Don't Stop Me Now":

Single "Till Forever Falls Apart":

EP "Hopely vol. III":

Building Bridges, The Breakup Song, I Saw A Light, Love In Slow Motion & You're Still The One feat. several artists.

Single "Electric Love":

Single "See You Later (ten years)":

Single "We Need Christmas":


Single "Cover Me In Sunshine":

Single "If I Die Young":

EP "Hopely vol. II":

This Is The Stuff, Don't Know Why, Soul's Anthem (It Is Well), More Than Words & Summer Of '69 feat. several artists.

Single "Take Me Home for Christmas":

Album "Soul Searching":

Mayte's second and newest album!

Single "Glass Wall":

Single "Better Together":

EP "Hopely vol. I":

Burning House, You Say, City Of Stars (live), Isn't She Lovely? and Feels Like This feat. Lito Levenbach and Conrad Nuyts.

Single "Christmas Around Me":

Single "Isn't It Funny?":

Single "Good Luck":    

Single "What's Gonna Happen":

Album "My Thoughts":

Mayte's debut album

Single "Merry Christmas, Darling":