Mayte Levenbach (2001) is a young, broad-inspired musician. She’s currently studying violin (bachelor year 2) at the Conservatory of Maastricht with Professor Piotr Jasiurkowski. Apart from that, she’s vocally active in the pop-world for which she uploads a YouTube cover every Wednesday. On this website you’ll be able to find more information about herself, her YouTube work, upcoming concerts, music, merch and more.

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Wednesday, 21 July

YouTube livestream

Songs by Josie Dunne, Norah Jones, Frankie Valli, Drakeford, Bruno Major, Cam and many, many more!

With Lito Levenbach

Link coming soon!

Mayte's newest cover EP contains 5 of her most recent covers, including Soul's Anthem (All Is Well), Don't Know Why, This Is The Stuff, More Than Words & Summer of '69. It features several artists including Lucy Gowen, Conrad Nuyts, Emma Marie, Lito Levenbach, Nuria Levenbach, Savannah Taekema and Lewis Powell. Stream it everywhere now!

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