Mayte Levenbach (2001) first heard the violin live at 3 years old, when her mother, a conservatory-trained flamenco guitarist, picked it up as an additional instrument. From that moment, she knew she wanted to learn the violin. She begged her parents for lessons, and when she was 5, they relented, and Mayte began studying the violin according to the Suzuki method under Stieneke Voorhoeve-Poot. A year and a half later, she successfully auditioned to study under Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, and at seven-and-a-half, became one of the youngest to be accepted to the Young Talent Department of The Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. At 13, Mayte moved on to study under Theodora Geraets, still at The Royal Conservatoire. She decided to leave the Royal Conservatoire and study with Julia Dinerstein from September 2017 until August 2019. Then in September 2019, she started her bachelor studies at the Conservatory of Maastricht under Professor Yuzuko Horigome. She's currently in her third bachelor year, studying with Professor Piotr Jasiurkowski.


From September 2016 until March 2020, Mayte was a member of the international orchestra LGT Young soloists.

Mayte participated in several summer courses in Holland and abroad, where she got various masterclasses from for example: Isabelle van Keulen, Emmy Verhey, Frederieke Saeijs, Petru Munteanu, Moshe Hammer, Stephan Picard, Joshua Fisher, Liza Ferschtman and Michael Kugel.

Mayte has won multiple (first) prizes in a variety of competitions like Princess Christina Junior Competition, Maassluis Music Week Competition, finalist at the Concertgebouw Competition Amsterdam, Benjamin Britten Violin Competition, Classic Young Masters public award at Meesterproef, Iordens Dutch Violin Competition and Princess Christina Competition. Because of this, Mayte got the opportunity to play with professional orchestras in The Netherlands such as the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, The Maestro Jules Orchestra, The Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy and The Youth Orchestra Netherlands.


Mayte started singing at age 13. From September 2015 until July 2017, she took singing lessons with Dion Bossers and Marinka Stam. In February 2018, she started producing her own covers and originals and as of May 2018, started uploading those productions to YouTube regularly. She currently releases a cover or original every Wednesday. In December 2018, she released her first Christmas single "Merry Christmas, Darling" featuring a few of her music friends. In May 2019, she released her debut album "My Thoughts" with 10 of her own songs in a variety of music styles. Since then, she has been releasing a lot more music including 10 more singles, an EP and her newest album "Soul Searching". Mayte enjoys working with artists from all over the world and recently organised and produced an international collaboration with 16 artists from all areas of the globe. Her latest release is a cover EP containing five of her recent covers, including Soul's Anthem (All Is Well), Don't Know Why, This Is The Stuff, More Than Words & Summer of '69. It features several artists including Lucy Gowen, Conrad Nuyts, Emma Marie, Lito Levenbach, Nuria Levenbach, Savannah Taekema and Lewis Powell.

Basingstoke, United Kingdom: location photoshoot (picture: Bethany Bryant)
Graz, Austria: album photoshoot (picture: Ludwig Balser)
Blerick, Netherlands: concert with the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy and Arjan Tien (picture: Sabine Levenbach - van den Oever)
Maastricht, Netherlands: location photoshoot (picture: Steffie de Konink)
Alicante, Spain: location photoshoot (picture: Lucía)
Netherlands: rehearsal, CD-presentation “Soul Searching” (picture: Kyra van Onselen)
The Hague, Netherlands: home photoshoot (picture: Sabine Levenbach - van den Oever)
Netherlands: winter tour with the JeugdOrkest Nederland and Arjan Tien (picture: Sabine Levenbach - van den Oever)
Riemst, Belgium: location photoshoot (picture: Steffie de Konink)
Cuenca, Ecuador: location photoshoot (picture: Sabine Levenbach - van den Oever)
Alicante, Spain: location photoshoot (picture: Lucía)
Blerick, Netherlands: concert with the Marine Band of the Royal Dutch Navy and Arjan Tien (picture: Karin de Jonge)