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Would you like to support me? There's different ways how you can help me. Apart from school, YouTube and music are the main things I do for a "living". I currently live on my own, which is quite expensive. On this page, you can find different ways on how to help me

The easiest way to support me is Patreon. There's a ton of exclusives for you to get back from your support, you'll stay up to date on my life and it's a monthly price that you can decide on and change, whenever you want. It's really well explained on the page and I also have a video on it if you're interested in it.

If you don't want to be stuck to a monthly fee, you can also decide to just give a "tip" to help me. This way, I might have a little extra money to save on bigger expenses.

Wish list:
Of course, there's also extra expenses that I have to pay that I want to save up for. I made a Google Document with things that I'm thinking of getting. They could range from professional expenses to just general life expenses. If you'd like to have a specific thing that you want your money to go towards to, add that in your message as you transfer the money through PayPal or send me an email to and I'll keep an eye out to the transfer and let you know when I've ordered that specific thing that you paid for.

There aren't many at the moment, but there are also some subscriptions that would make my life easier. If you do want to help me each month, but with a specific thing, you could think about getting a (partly) subscription to something for me.


  • Hello fresh: this is real extra and of course quite expensive. I would take it for one week per month and store everything I don't eat, in the freezer. This way, I'd have easy access to proper meals, without having to cook for ages plus it would save me loads of time on getting groceries or thinking about what I'll be eating. 43,95 per month

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